Left : Is how his fans looked at him

Right : Is how Tenzin looked at him, since ever…

Well, anyway, along the way, i change his face from right to the left one as i also got annoyed looking at his smug face while drawing him.

Tumblr finally added


Yes, im a very late bloomer XD but i finally had a tumblr acc…Its http://njay81.tumblr.com/

A heart and 2 Bots


Redesigned my ol’ characters to fit the nature of the comic style.Not much of the story or character’s profiles. Maybe in a month i’ll be able to post them. No more delaying…


Shooting speed paint


A speed paint using a single brush .It was previously a wider drawing but i cut the rest since it looks too broad and empty, thus lack focus…

2 Months ago Diablo’s contest


Had this one done for the contest. Didn’t won anything but it was fun doing it :D though i did remembered¬† redoing the layouts over and over…